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The Complete Commercial Software Solution

All functionality is completely integrated in a single Stand-alone Software Product!
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From Miriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
Complete: "having all necessary parts, elements, or steps, highly proficient, thorough, total
Client Reactions: "Amazing", "Outrageous", "Brilliant", "Really, Really Cool"

Commercial Complete is the COMPLETE real estate analysis tool for real estate professionals. Designed especially for appraisers, but equally useful to other real estate professionals for preparing Listing Presentations, Broker Price Opinions and even residential narrative appraisals.

This software is so comprehensive that we can only touch on the basics here. Since Commercial Complete was released three years ago, we have had many, many questions - usually, can your software do this or can it do that? The answer is nearly always "Yes it can." A good way to find out what Commercial Complete can do for you is to call us. We will give you a quick tour of the software on your computer.

Analysis Capabilities
Written words are the way that appraisers finally communicate with their clients. But all of the analyses that precede the written reports are its underpinnings.

First and foremost, Commercial Complete was designed to handle the various complicated analyses that an appraiser must do. The analysis capabilities were not an afterthought.

Developed over more than twenty years, the Income Analysis capabilities in Commercial Complete are thorough, comprehensive, tested, and reliable..

It took more than seven years to develop Commercial Complete's Comparison Analysis functionality. The Cost Analysis functionality, in conjunction with Commercial Complete's database, took more than ten years to bring to its present state.

All of the analysis components have been "in the field" and used by appraisers for the best part of a decade in our Investment Analyst product. You can rely upon them.

But as powerful as these analysis components are, bringing the components under the name Commercial Complete required the capability to gather the various analyses and present them in a written report. Our word processing component, Narrative Complete, was introduced in 2010, after three years of development.

Finally, all of the components described above were integrated into a single standalone product. Commercial Complete earns its name. It really is the complete commercial real estate analysis tool. We touch upon some of its features below. Click here to learn more about the evolution of Commercial Complete.

Creating Narratives and Reports - Word Processing
Built into Commercial Complete are powerful word processing capabilities that are designed especially for real estate professionals. If your business is real estate, it revolves around real property. So do our built-in word processing editors, which are integrated with Commercial Complete's powerful real estate database and income analysis capabilities. Data stored in any property record in the real estate database can be inserted easily into a Commercial Complete word processing document. Many automatically generated property data and income analysis reports can also be easily inserted.

Commercial Compete can be used exclusively to create an entire narrative report, for example a complete appraisal or marketing document. Or it can be used to generate automated narrative sections that contain information from a property record in the real estate database. Then these sections can be easily copied and pasted with the click of a button into the word processor that you use on a daily basis.

There is no need to change from your present word processor immediately in order to benefit from the many advantages of automating your narratives. When you are ready to switch to Commercial Complete for all of your word processing needs, Commercial Complete is ready for you.

Partial narratives like the Income Approach or Sales Comparison Approach can also be created by Commercial Complete and pasted into your favorite word processor without disrupting your present method of producing your final reports. It will not be long, though, before you are using our software to create your entire narrative appraisal.
  • Powerful word processing built-in simplifies the preparation of Narrative Appraisals
  • Insert fields from a property record directly into a narrative document
  • Insert Income Analysis Reports directly into a narrative document
  • Generate presentation quality reports or an entire narrative document (appraisals, proposals, offering brochures, marketing literature, etc.)
  • Your word processor or ours
    • Use our built in word processing editors to create your entire document (appraisal, marketing brochure, etc.). You can do the whole job in Commercial Complete!
    • Or assemble automated narrative sections of your document in Commercial Complete and copy directly to your main word processor (MS Word or Word Perfect). Formatting remains intact, including styles, and tables. This is an excellent way to automate your documents while continuing to use the word processor that you have grown comfortable with.
See Word Processing Overview for more information.

Real Estate Database Learn More
Commercial Complete provides complete data management capabilities to keep track of real property information. The comprehensive list of items that you can enter (more than 250 fields) includes address, location, assessed value, sale price, sale date, and photographs, to name just a few items in the long list. Data storage and retrieval is easy. You can also compare properties, print Property Datasheets, print Comparable Grids and print lists of similar properties.
  • Automates the process of gathering and storing real estate information. With little or no typing you can easily build a comprehensive real estate database
  • More than 250 fields to describe each property record
  • Powerful Image Processor - attach all common image types so that original source information can be attached to a property record (image types: PDF,JPG,TIFF,BMP,GIF, more)
  • Search for a property record by any field in the real estate database
  • Filter the real estate database to display only records that meet specific criteria
Sales Comparison Analysis Learn More
The Sales Comparison analysis functions enable you attach up to 6 "Comparables Groups" (Sales, Land, Rent, etc.) to each subject property. Each Comparables Group can contain up to 9 properties. Every Property Record in your real estate database is a potential "subject" for a Comparison Analysis. And every Property Record is also a potential "comparable." Grids can also be created that are based upon income multipliers, expense ratios, and the capitalization rate of each comparable property.

These analyses are done in the Property Data Section of Commercial Complete.

Income Analysis Learn More
Investment Analyst, a powerful income analysis tool in its own right, is incorporated into Commercial Complete. Analyst has been used by real estate professionals for more than 20 years to analyze and value income producing real estate. Using advanced mathematical techniques, it calculates the value, based upon the yield requirements and projections of the analyst. Financing, closing costs, selling expenses, income growth, and property appreciation are among the many factors considered. Holding periods can range between 1 and 60 years. Reports can be printed, pasted, or saved to an Excel spreadsheet, PDF file, or RTF file. Reports can be merged directly into your narrative reports.

Building Cost Aggregation - Development of Building Costs
Buildings, building components, and other property improvements can be described individually for each property record - including building and/or component costs. Based upon the cost information that you provide (from Marshall Valuation or another cost reporting service), Commercial Complete will calculate the depreciated cost of each building and/or component and then aggregate these individual items into a total building cost. This function is performed in the Property Data section of Commercial Complete.

Other Real Estate Software
If you have used, or are considering, other real estate programs, then you know how confusing they can be to navigate from function to function and screen to screen. There is a reason for this.  They are not stand-alone programs, designed from scratch with integrated functionality. Rather, other real estate software relies upon a combination of programs like MS Word or MS Excel that are pieced together to accomplish their functions. Usually, they are not designed or written by professional software engineers who are skilled at making software that is comprehensive and easy to use.

Imagine for a moment that you are designing a new house. Instead of dedicating a separate room for the kitchen, you decide that it is easier and cheaper to just purchase the kitchen equipment and place it in rooms throughout the house - the refrigerator in the bedroom, the kitchen sink in the living room, the stove in the dining room, and the kitchen cabinets in the den. If you later need a dishwasher, there will be extra space in the bathroom. All of the kitchen functions would be in the house, but what a chore it would be to make dinner.

Remember that most other real estate software "systems" are really form-filling programs that rely upon software products like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access to actually do anything. Jump from spreadsheet to spreadsheet to fill in a series of blanks and out comes a cookie-cutter report. Hard to understand and use, limited or no analysis capability and limited customization options. It looks like everything, including the kitchen sink, has been thrown in. But using these products? Go to this spreadsheet for this, go to that spreadsheet for that. Now you can load MS Word. Did you include all of the separate sections that you need? Make sure to close the MS Word document after printing or you will slow down your computer? Good Luck. It is easier to cut and paste from old documents. These products cannot compare to what Commercial Complete offers.

Commercial Complete
We write our software from scratch - and it shows. All functions are integrated and no other software is needed. We do not use MS Word, MS Excel, or MS Access. Our house has a beautifully designed, functional kitchen that is equally useful for creating snacks and gourmet meals. It is never necessary to roam the house in search of the refrigerator.

Latest Design Technology
Commercial Complete is based upon the latest technology. We have looked at other real estate software. They cannot compare to Commercial Complete when it comes to image storage, analysis capabilities, ease of use, level of features, word processing capabilities, or quality of reports. Most, if not all, are based on older technologies.  And our research suggests that many carry high annual maintenance fees.  Worse yet, these products have a weak history of upgrading their products to keep pace with new technologies (MsDos, then Windows 95, then Windows 98, then ME, then XP, then Vista, then Windows 7, then Windows 8, then Windows 10 then .).

Long History
Commercial Complete and Investment Analyst have a long history.  We have made steady improvements over the years; 18 major upgrades in 23 years.  And we do not require annual maintenance fees.  You can upgrade when the time is right for you.

Call Us for a Personal Demonstration
We invite you to explore the many benefits of Commercial Complete. Call us at 800-884-1630 and we will lead you through a personal demonstration.

Take a look at the Demo. You will see the difference immediately.
Seeing is believing!

Integration is the Key See Video
The many features of Commercial Complete are fully integrated into a single standalone product. This is very important.

Integrated design means that you do not need MS Office or any other product. You do not have to navigate among 20 different confusing spreadsheets and a real estate database with limited functionality.

Integration means that you do not have to worry about linking spreadsheets to a word processing document, or accidently deleting a link or deleting a line in the spreadsheet.

Integration also means that the Help system is integrated and specific. Click on any item in Commercial Complete and get specific information - not help on how to use MS Word or Excel. You can even add your own help notes to any database field or word processing document.

Other "Systems"
We frequently get calls from persons who purchased one of the many "systems" that is designed around MS Office.

After spending considerable time learning the "system", they cannot use it because of its piecemeal design. It is just too difficult to navigate among the various MS Office programs: Excel, Access and Word.

Even if you are an expert MS Office user who understands how links and macros work, it is a difficult task. If you modify or delete a link, well, good luck.

You will use CC Every Day
Commercial Complete is designed to be used every day for all of your real estate related tasks. You will use it every day while researching a property, gathering information on comparables, analyzing the comparables, analyzing the income of a property, developing the building's cost, and finally, easily creating automated narratives.

The COMPLETE Software Solution
Our software was designed from scratch and it shows. It is not pieced together by creating spreadsheets and then linking the spreasheets to an MS Word document. There are dozens of "systems" that do that, none of them very effectively.

See it in action for yourself. Download the Demo and then call us at 1-800-884-1630. We will be happy to give you a quick tour.

Major Features
  • Real Estate Database
  • Income Analysis
  • Sales Comparison Analysis
  • Building Cost Aggregation
  • Word Processing
  • Automated Narratives
  • Mapping Web Site
  • Property based Internet Searches
  • Specialized Image Processing
  • Built-in PDF functionality
Real Estate Database
  • More than 250 fields
  • Customizable Fields
  • Customizable Reports
  • Handles all property types
  • Powerful Search/Filter options. Search or filter records by any field or combination of fields
  • Import records from Excel lists or comma-delimited files.This enables you to import information from your local Multilist, CoStar, your County, etc. if they can export information.
  • Easily attach your photos and other images to a property record
  • Edit Images. Crop, add text and graphics, rotate, and much more
  • Capture website images as you are researching a property and attach the website image to a property record
  • CC keeps track of where your photos are located on your hard drive
  • All fields are integrated with CC's word processing editors
  • Automatically display a record or Subject and Comparables on a map
  • Automatically perform an Internet Search of a property record
  • Sales Comparison Analysis with up to six comparable properties
  • Sales Comparison Grid with photos. Adjustments are suggested by CC, but you can override them.
  • Building Cost aggregation to develop building costs for one building or several buildings on a site
Income Analysis.
  • Sophisticated income analysis using Mortgage Equity Technique, Discounted Cash Flow method and Net Present Value analysis.
  • Yield Range Analysis that automatically calculates indicated value at different IRRs.
  • Stable, Rent-up and Lease by Lease analysis.
  • Analyses consider mortgage terms, growth rates, closing costs and selling expenses.
  • Holding periods up to 60 years.
  • Clean reports that can be understood and explained.
Word Processing.
  • Completely integrated with all fields in the real estate database, your company information, and the income analysis fields and reports..
  • Any field or report can be easily inserted into a word processing document..
  • Create any type of automated document, including Summary Appraisals, Marketing Brochures, and general correspondence..
  • Documents can be linked to specific property records, effectively making them a part of the real estate database.
  • Specialized image processing designed especially for real estate professionals. Automatically insert images centered and sized, saving you considerable time when assembling your documents..

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