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Commercial Complete database on your computer or on our Cloud, or both! Flexible and Cost Effective.
Your data on the World Wide Web, but reliable, standalone software on your computer. The best of both worlds!

For a one-man shop or a team of 100
Powerful Real Estate Analysis Software that
you can activate on any computer to share your data with colleagues
or just to access your data from your home or laptop

Not everyone wants or needs their data on the cloud. But if you do, we have the best.
  • Your data on the World Wide Web, but reliable, standalone software
    on your computer. The best of both worlds!
  • Commercial Complete Functionality for remote users
  • Pictures automatically and transparently uploaded and downloaded
  • Easily transfer records between Cloud database and local database
  • Numerous options to control who sees what data, who can download data,
    who can change data, when access for a user expires. YOU are in control.,
  • Always the latest Commercial Complete software. No upgrade fees!
  • Much, Much More
New and Different
Enterprise is a new optional Commercial Complete feature that provides the ability to control and secure local databases and remote Commercial Complete Cloud databases.

It also enables a Commercial Complete licensee to host a Commercial Complete Cloud database for his company, for his colleagues, or for users of the general public to which the Commercial Complete licensee grants permission.

Appraisers know how difficult it is to gather and share data. Not anymore. The Commercial Complete Enterprise Control option makes it easy to put.your data on the World Wide Web.

Comprehensive, Yet Designed for Ease of Use
Commercial Complete has taken a giant step ahead as a true solution for real estate professionals. An Enterprise licensee purchases "User Slots" that he can assign to other individual remote users through a simple Enterprise Control Window interface on his computer. Access to both LAN databases and remote databases can be controlled in real time by the Enterprise licensee.

Users authorized by the Enterprise licensee must install Commercial Complete on their computer, but a user is not required to purchase a Commercial Complete license. The functionality of Commercial Complete will be determined by the User Level that is assigned by the Enterprise licensee. When the user is connected to the Enterprise licensee's database, he will have the functionality appropriate to his User Level. When an unlicensed version of Commercial Complete is not connected to the Enterprise licensee's database, the software will function in Demo Mode as a Commercial Complete Reader.

User Levels that can be assigned by the Enterprise licensee are flexible and powerful. They range from a simple Viewer, who can only view records, to a Super User who can read, write, change, add and delete records in the database. Additional options are available on a per user basis to hide certain data from view, to set monthly upload and download limits for a user, and to limit the number of records that can be printed by a user each month. Access for a user can be set to expire on a given date, providing the ability to permit access to the database for a day or a week or a month.

We could go on. The Enterprise option is very comprehensive, but easy to use. You can begin sharing your data in no time.

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Reasonably Priced
The Enterprise option can be added to a full Commercial Complete Pro license for only $395.00. An Enterprise licensee receives two "User Slots" that expire in one year.

Additional User Slots can be purchased for $195.00 per user slot per year, less than a cheap cell phone connection. There is no limit to the number of User Slots that can be added to an Enterprise license. Access to the LAN databases and to each Commercial Complete Cloud database must be renewed annually. An Enterprise Control licensee can host more than one Cloud database. Separate groups of User Slots must be purchased for each Cloud database.

Please remember that your users get much much more than just a database. You will be providing them with more than just data. You will also be providing them access to the best commercial appraisal software available.

Reliable, Real Software
Until now there has been no reliable way to automate the commercial appraisal process. Of course there are many individual tools that do assist. MS Office helps a lot with its word processing and spreadsheet modules. If you know how to create links and macros - better yet.

A few appraisers have even done so well at assembling MS Office templates for their own office that they now sell the templates as a software product. Our hats go off to them. But frankly, MS Office is not up to this kind of a job. Too many components, updates, modifications, and work-arounds. Simply put - too complicated. A package of templates is NOT the same as a real, standalone software product that is designed specifically to assist in every aspect of the appraisal process. There is just no comparison. And there are no spreadsheets, no links, no macros, and no MS Office.

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Take a look at the Demo. You will see the difference immediately.
Seeing is believing!

Introducing the Power of
Commercial Complete
to the World Wide Web

Potential Uses
  • Host your data Company Wide on a Commercial Complete Cloud Internet Server
  • Keep your Master database on the Commercial Complete Cloud and download data to a local "working" database as needed. This is an excellent way to maintain separate workfiles for each appraisal assignment
  • Secure your local databases by limiting access to authorized users only
  • Provide access to your data for colleagues scattered around the city or around World
  • Access your data from your desktop, laptop, or home computer
  • Work on reports while at a conference or on vacation
  • Provide access to your data to a friendly local competitor for a day or a week
  • Collaborate with other appraisers. Sharing Data has never been easier. Arrange sharing of data between local appraisal firms while keeping each firm's data separate. You give them access to your data and they reciprocate
  • Turn your data into a profit center
    • Sell Subscriptions to access your verified data
    • Sell Subscriptions to access your accumulated public data
Potential Users
  • Appraisers
  • Appraiser Groups
  • Bank Staff Appraisers
  • Bank Review Appraisers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Representatives
  • Assessors
  • Municipalities
  • Mass Appraisal Firms
  • Real Estate Management Companies
  • Data Providers

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