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When the analysis capabilities of Commercial Complete meet its built-in word processor, the result is impressive. Presented below are a few of the nearly endless possibilities. All are automated and easily created and customized. Click here to learn more about Commercial Complete's built-in word processor.

Your Report Look or Ours
Our appraisal templates are comprehensive and look good, as you can see in the Appraisal Report example. Most of our clients use them "right out of the box". But it is easy to customize a template to make it your own. Your fonts, your letterhead, your wording, your colors. Property datasheets can be customized too. So can the comparison grids and most income analysis reports.

Sections of one of your old appraisals can be copied from another word processor and pasted into a Commercial Complete template. Or the entire appraisal can be pasted into Commercial Complete and you can build your own tempate by adding data fields and Commercial Complete reports in the appropriate places. We will help you to determine which is the best for you,

If you want a special look for your appraisals, we will help you do it. We will even do it for you, per your instructions. If you need a special format, for example, a short evaluation report, we will help you design it.

Appraisal Report Example
The appraisal examples below include most of the common reports that you will use in a typical narrative appraisal. You are in complete control of what is included in any appraisal narrative that is created in Commercial Complete.

Appraisal Report.PDF - Stock

Appraisal Report.PDF - Custom
Restricted Appraisal Report - Sample PDF
Expense Report with Historical Data
Expense Comparison Grid

An Assortment of Automated Narrative Sections
Just a few examples of various automated reports are presented below. There are many, many ways to display your analysis results. Any of the report samples below can be set to automatically be inserted into your narrative appraisal, or they can be created individually and copied/pasted into another word processor.

Full Income Summary Example.PDF
Short Income Summary Example.PDF
Full Expense Summary Example.PDF
Short Expense Summary Example.PDF
Comp Datasheet with Income and Expense Summaries.PDF
Full Rent Survey Example
Property Datasheet with Short Rent Survey Example
Short Summary of Comps - 3 per page
Commercial Desk Review Sample

Sample Comparison Grids
There are more than 1,000 grid possibilities. Make the grids look just the way they must look to clearly explain any comparison analysis. This comparison functionality does not just paint a pretty picture. Now you really have true comparison analysis power at your fingertips. Reviewers like the grids too because your reasoning can be clearly explained right on the grid.

A few of the endless combinations are presented below. Click here to learn more comparison analysis functionality.

Sample Grid with Subject Column

Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

More Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Land Sales Grid
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Rent Grids
Rent Grid - Dollars
Rent Grid - Percentage

User Interface

Property Datasheets
Many different combinations of property datasheets can be created. Some of them can be viewed in the appraisal examples above. Click here to see another example.

Property Datasheets can be fully customized. Use ours, or create your own from scratch in the Commercial Complete word processor. Datasheets can include just the fields that you want to show with the look that you prefer. They can even be multipage and include other Commercial Complete reports. Different datasheets can be created for Sales comps, Rent comps, Land comps, etc. You are in control.

Income Analysis Reports
The income analysis reports are numerous, clean, and impressive. Click here to see a few examples.
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